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Maurice The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
Teorema Jarman's Sebastiane
The Consequence Desert Hearts
Dreyer's Michael Un Chant d'amour
Films of Kenneth Anger Volume One My Own Private Idaho

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GLBT Cinema: Great Films

Cocteau's Beauty and the BeastHere are 50 extraordinary films, all made by GLBT directors. They span three quarters of a century and represent almost every genre, from comedy to documentary to science fiction. Some of these pictures do not contain overt GLBT material, since censorship prevented several of these filmmakers from directly exploring same-sex experience. But they became adept at coding, or "hiding," such content in ingenious ways. Here's a list of all GLBT Cinema resources at this site, including 50 Outstanding GLBT-Themed Films.

So that this list does not turn into a shrine to my favorites, I've limited a director to a maximum of three films. For more information, titles are linked to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb); several also link to my reviews. For each film, I've indicated its genre(s), and whether it has substantial gay (G), lesbian (L), bisexual (B), and/or transgender (T) content. A gold star gold star indicates a "Top 10" picks; if I had to name a #1 choice it would be Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast. If you have comments or suggestions, email Jim.

50 Great Films by GLBT Directors


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