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WWW - Whitman, Wilde & Woolf triangle graphic This site, established in 1997, is devoted to Literature about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) experience. It is also the home of the LGBT Reading Group; and it includes original LGBT literature, film, music, and visual arts resources. The site map outlines all of the resources throughout this website.

NEW! Join us on Facebook. — PUBLICATIONS: LGBT authors announce the publication of their books. — CONGRATULATIONS to longstanding Reading Group members J.L. Weinberg on the publication of his debut novel True Religion — and thanks for joining us on May 12, 21016 for a special Q&A of your book, and Bev Jafek for The Sacred Beasts. Special thanks to award-winning author Christopher Bram, who joined us on August 13, 2015 for a Q&A following our discussion of his acclaimed book, Eminent Outlaws: The Gay Writers Who Changed America. Thanks to filmmaker Ira Sachs for recommending the series QUEER/ART/FILM. LATEST book review: "You Can Tell Just by Looking": And 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People, by Michael Bronski, Ann Pellegrini, and Michael Amico. And a special welcome to the LGBT book and film discussion groups springing up around the globe that use the resources here, including ones in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Italy, Japan, Spain, the UK and US. For suggestions on starting a group, or if you have any questions, email Jim.

LGBT Community Center NYC Gay & Lesbian Reading Group

The Gay & Lesbian Reading Group, based in New York City, is a friendly and diverse discussion group founded circa 1982, making this one of the longest continually-meeting LGBT book groups in the US. We welcome everyone interested in GLBT Literature, and appreciate all points of view. Join us the second Thursday of each month, 8:00pm at the LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th Street, NYC. You may participate or just listen. Bring your friends too.

The entire group votes on the books we discuss, alternating monthly between female and male authors. Anyone may nominate a work by a GLBT-identified writer, or any title with substantial GLBT content. We read contemporary and classic works of fiction, non-fiction, drama, and poetry, ranging from Sappho to Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson to James Baldwin, and current writers too. Here are the books we've discussed since 1997, and links to GLBT Literature Resources. (There is also a separate monthly group that discusses GLBT Science Fiction, Fantasy & Suspense Literature.) Remember, WWW can also stand for Whitman, Wilde and Woolf.


Upcoming Reading Group Discussions

June 9, 2016 at 8:00pm:
Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

– Fannie Flagg
July 14, 2016 at 8:00pm:
On the Move: A Life

– Oliver Sacks
August 11, 2016 at 8:00pm:

– Belinda McKeon
September 8, 2016 at 8:00pm:
Lost Illusions

– Honoré de Balzac
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WWW - Whitman, Wilde & Woolf triangle graphic GLBT Literature Resources

Below are selected resources related to GLBT literature, including various reading lists — there is also a complete list of GLBT Resources, with additional materials. Many features are original to this Website. To see an overview of this and all interconnected sites (film, GLBT cinema, Fassbinder, Pasolini, Jarman, more), use the streamlined site map.

BookBook Recommendations – GLBT Literature

Encompasses fiction, drama, poetry, and non-fiction, from ancient classics to contemporary works. All public domain titles link to FREE unabridged copies.

BookBook Reviews

Includes my reviews of selected GLBT-related literary, film, and social science books: NEW! > "You Can Tell Just by Looking": And 20 Other Myths about LGBT Life and People, by Michael Bronski, Ann Pellegrini, & Michael Amico. > The Queer Cinema of Derek Jarman by Niall Richardson, a study of Jarman's major films focused on their connections to gender, history, and politics. Also Jarman's experimental memoir Modern Nature (1992). > Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Berlin Alexanderplatz, edited by Klaus Biesenbach (a monumental, large-format 664-page analysis and tribute to Fassbinder's 16-hour masterpiece, including his complete screenplay in English translation, essays by Fassbinder, Biesenbach, and Susan Sontag, hundreds of color and black and white photos, more). Also reviews of > Alfred Döblin's Berlin Alexanderplatz, the landmark 1929 avant-garde novel that inspired Fassbinder's film. Another cinema-related review is for > Phallic Frenzy: Ken Russell and His Films by Joseph Lanza. Book reviews include: > Hero, about a gay teen superhero, by Perry Moore; > Boy-Wives and Female Husbands: Studies in African Homosexualities, edited by Stephen O. Murray & Will Roscoe; > Queer Cowboys and Other Erotic Male Friendships in Nineteenth-Century American Literature by Chris Packard.

Moffie by Andre Carl van der Merwe

Prairie Springs by LR Williamson
Vampalicious by Timothy McGivney

BookGLBT Authors

Congratulations to these GLBT Authors, who have written to announce the publication of their books. Guidelines: If a GLBT author writes directly, with a one-sentence summary of your latest book and a link to your Website or Web page, I'll be happy to include your work. Disclaimer: Inclusion on this list does not imply endorsement; this is a service to help promote new GLBT writing in its diversity. Happily, this list has grown so large since its debut in 2006 that only new entries appear here, while the complete New GLBT Authors list has its own page.

NEW LISTINGS (updated May 12, 2016) (Author's name links to their Website, where available):

BookGLBT Literature Resources (Complete List)

Lists all of the original materials at this site — including several not included in this highlights selection — plus anthologies, reference works, various "best GLBT books" lists, awards, and more. New! GLBT Resources Links to external sites.

BookGLBT Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror & Suspense/Mystery Literature

Features annotated lists of works in these four interrelated genres, and more resources. GLBT authors have created many classic genre works, from Dracula to Peter Pan to Conan the Barbarian to Woolf's Orlando.

GargoyleDiscussion Group: The GLBT Genre Literature Discussion Group, founded in January 2000 and meeting each month for ten years, the group focused on a GLBT-related work of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror or Suspense that members selected. You can't keep a good group down, so we may move to online discussions at some point in the future. There would also be the possibility of occasional in-person meetings held in Manhattan, if the group so decides. Click here for more information.

GilgameshOutline of Gay Literature

From Gilgamesh (2,000 BCE) to today, including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama written in Europe, North and South America, the Near East and more.

BookOverlooked GLBT Non-Fiction and Fiction Authors

Overlooked GLBT Non-Fiction Authors highlights outstanding writers on art, film, theatre, history, literature, music, philosophy, science, and more not included on the Publishing Triangle's list of 100 Best Lesbian and Gay Non-Fiction Books. There is also Overlooked GLBT Fiction Authors.

SontagResources for Selected GLBT Authors

These resources, for over a hundred authors, have been chosen from among all Websites devoted to each writer — at the page Books Discussed Since 1997.

BookTop 10 List

Introduces the diverse GLBT literary tradition, through ten outstanding and representative books. If you're new to GLBT literature, this is one place to start exploring!

SapphoWebsite of the Month

GLBT-related sites usually connected to literature; currently exists as an archive, with several years' worth of entries.

ShakespeareWhy a GLBT Focus?

Brief essay that looks at why gay/lesbian/bi/trans aspects of a work are of interest.

BaldwinWords of Wisdom from GLBT Authors

Including Sappho, Plato, Shakespeare, Dickinson, Melvlle, Whitman, Cather, Stein, Woolf, Cocteau, Baldwin, Kushner, and many more.


Fassbinder, Kahlo, Beethoven triangle graphic GLBT Film and Arts Resources

EisensteinGLBT Cinema

Many resources, including 50 outstanding GLBT films and great directors, a Recommended GLBT Film of the Month, linked sites devoted to gay filmmakers/ authors/ artists Rainer Werner Fassbinder (The Merchant of Four Seasons), Derek Jarman (Edward II), and Pier Paolo Pasolini (Teorema).

FilmGLBT Cinema is part of my Jim's Film Website, that includes 50 landmarks of film history, an original guide to film (covering dramatic structure, visual and sound aesthetics), 10-best lists in over 30 categories, and more resources — as well as dozens of original film-on-DVD reviews. LATEST REVIEWS: Four works by or about filmmaker/ artist Derek Jarman: his memoir Modern Nature (1992), his film War Requiem — based on Benjamin Britten's stunning choral work, Derek — the 2008 documentary about Jarman from filmmaker Isaac Julien and writer/ narrator/ actress Tilda Swinton, and the book The Queer Cinema of Derek Jarman (2008) by Niall Richardson; James Whale's delightfully disturbing comedy The Old Dark House (1932 — Whale also made the 1930s Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein and musical Show Boat; he's the subject of Christopher Bram's novel Father of Frankenstein, and its film version Gods and Monsters); Pasolini's horrific masterpiece about fascism, Salo. Recent Reviews: Glitterbox: Derek Jarman x 4, a major collection of Jarman features new to DVD: The Angelic Conversation, Caravaggio, Wittgenstein, Blue and Glitterbug, plus many special features (2008 has truly been Jarman's year on DVD), Fassbinder's magnum opus Berlin Alexanderplatz (1980), Phil Jutzi's 1931 film of Berlin Alexanderplatz, The Films of Kenneth Anger, Donna Deitch's Desert Hearts, Alain Resnais's Muriel, author Jean Genet's only film as a director: Un Chant d'Amour, Tony Palmer's documentary Benjamin Britten: A Time There Was (about the great gay composer), Fassbinder's Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (for which I wrote the DVD's liner notes), Murnau's Phantom, Robert Houston's Shogun Assassin, Wolfgang Petersen's The Consequence, Jarman's The Last of England, more.


TchaikovskyGLBT Composers

Encompasses chamber and orchestral music, ballet, art songs, choral works, opera, musical theatre, and experimental pieces.

LeonardoGLBT Visual Artists

Painters, sculptors, architects, designers, and photographers, from the ancient world to today.

BookPersonal Recommendations

Thirty books, films, and works of music that have changed and enriched my life; not all are GLBT-related.


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