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Welcome! Here you will find links to Web sites and writings by some of the G&L Reading Group's members, including "honorary members" from around the country. Also, be sure to see GLBT authors introducing their latest publications on the homepage.

Congratulations to Aaron Hamburger on the publication of his first novel, Faith For Beginners, and his first collection of short fiction, The View From Stalin's Head (both from Random House).

Members' Websites & Writings

Austin Alexis

"Hi! I'm Austin Alexis, and I want to let you know that I have some new short-short fiction (flash fiction, micro fiction, sudden fiction) published at After you "enter," look to the far left of the screen. You will see the word "magazine." Scroll down on that until you reach "still starving," and click on that. When the next screen appears, click on my name, and you will find some of my stories ("The Singer," "The Avenger"). I hope you enjoy them!"

Aldo Alvarez

"I'm a new latino/gay fiction writer and my first book, Interesting Monsters, is coming out this September from Graywolf Press. Feel free to visit my Homepage where you can read selections from the book, advance reviews, and more."

Andrew Calimach

"Nothing is rarer than gay love in religious texts, nothing is more fundamental to Western culture than the Greek heritage. The two fields intersect in the gay Greek myths, but these, until now, have been overlooked - often talked about, but never restored. I have tried to fill that gap with Lovers' Legends: The Gay Greek Myths. I hope the book will appeal to all lovers of myth, and also to classicists and historians. My book has been richly illustrated with photographs of ancient art, and it provides notes, a map, a bibliography, and an indexed glossary. For more information, please visit the Haiduk Press Web site."

Nancy Crowe

"My first novel, Bethlehem Road, has been published by Odd Girls Press, and I'd like to bring it to the attention of your group. Thanks, and all best wishes! If you would like to learn more about Bethlehem Road, here are some excerpts from the press release: 'New Bethlehem, Indiana is about to collide with San Francisco, California. Naomi Bittner, returning to her roots in the Midwest, is unhappy that Ruth Greene, lesbian partner of her daughter Marina, has insisted on accompanying her. Neither woman understands why Marina has fled them both. As Naomi tries to reconnect the threads of a life she left years ago, hip young San Franciscan Ruth wends her way cautiously through the intricate interconnections of small town life. Slowly, she uncovers secrets, and closets. Then, suddenly, shockingly, events careen out of control. The journey of these women is clothed in an ancient story - the biblical tale of Ruth - whose themes of friendship, perseverance, and welcoming the stranger have powerful echoes for our contemporary world.'" For more information about Bethlehem Road and other lesbian works, visit the Odd Girls Press Web site:

Anna M. Curren

"I have written two contemporary lesbian romance novels, Tender Heart and my most recent book, Bradley Bay. They have been published by 1st Books Library. At your leisure you can preview Tender Heart and Bradley Bay on the publisher's Web site: I appreciate your time and attention to my novels." Anna wrote earlier: "Hi! I've just authored/published a book about the first internationally famous lesbian couple: Lady Eleanor Butler and The Honorable Miss Sarah Ponsonby, who eloped in 1778 and lived in a public committed relationship for over 50 years. Its title is Love, above the reach of time: Two Stories of The Ladies Of Llangollen. I have been an author/publisher for 30 years in an unrelated genre. This is a very special book. Off the press only in late June, its official release date is September. Feel free to check the Ladyepress Web site for more information:"

Dana Dorfman

"I am a lesbian published author of the book entitled Unmasking The Passion. It is a book that caters to gay and lesbian intensity in the areas of love and sentiment. It examines through expressive poetry why we feel the way we do. Please feel welcome to read samples from my book at:"

Thomas Glave

"I am a new, Jamaican/African American gay writer, and would like to bring my forthcoming collection, Whose Song? And Other Stories (City Lights Books) to your attention.... If you'd like more information about Whose Song?, and about me, please see: Village Voice Literary Supplement, "Writers on the Verge 2000" and the City Lights online Fall 2000 catalogue and travel itinerary."

Aaron Hamburger

Faith For BeginnersCONGRATULATIONS! to Aaron on the success, and outstanding reviews, of his first novel, Faith For Beginners, and his first collection of short fiction, The View from Stalin's Head, which as he notes "deals with contemporary Jewish and gay themes." It was published by Random House in March 2004, and very favorably reviewed in The New York Times and elsewhere. Also, Random House has acquired the rights to Aaron's second book, a novel about an American family whose summer vacation in Israel takes an unexpected turn, which is due out in 2005. To learn more about Aaron and his writing, visit his Web site:

William Harris

"Hi! I want to invite all who are interested in fine art to view some of my paintings by visiting my new Website: Thanks! When asked recently to describe how I work, this was my response: "I crush, cut and, in any other way possible, manipulate canvas to express the subject's layered nature. I use primer paint, for extra measure, to show depth of emotional presence. Wooden stretcher boards are used to represent the bones, or concrete, physical elements of the person being portrayed. I strive to make visible the essence of my subjects."

B. Keith Jones

"I'm a self-published gay/African American Novelist, and am looking for exposure for my books, DILLIRGAF? and The Roomie Do Me Blues, which are the first two parts of a trilogy. I've recently started an on-line readers circle to get people reading and the response has been wonderful, as people have asked for more of the story."

S. Joseph

"My Web site is called 'Lavender Loving,' and it considers various aspects of gay love. Musically, its four sections are: 'Gay Romantic Men' (12 pages; romantic), 'Gay Freedom Suite' (6 pages; classical), 'Gay Spirituality' (8 pages; religious), and 'Lavender Love Vignettes' (about 75 pages; rock-n-roll; still in progress, about developmental aspects of gay male love). Each page centers around a song (lyrics are "gayfully modified" in respect to these four themes), with accompanying music midis, graphics, and animations. I'm still developing the site, but you are very welcome to visit at any time!"

Adam Kent

TrioDamocles Trio – Reading Group member Adam Kent plays piano in this award-winning trio, which features an eclectic repertoire of classical and modern works. Their Website provides information about their repertoire and the performers. It also includes a schedule of upcoming recitals as well as a list of recent performances. Their first CD, on Claves Records, is now available.

Jeff Long

Jeff Long's Studio

Paul Mooney

Paul Mooney's netStream of consciousness

Chris Moriarty

"I was born in 1968, grew up mostly in New York's Upper West Side, and now live in Utah. Before becoming a writer, I worked (though not necessarily in the following order) as a ranch hand, horse trainer, tourist hotel flunky, back country guide and environmental lawyer. My first novel (SPIN STATE, Bantam 2003) is a post-human spy thriller featuring a love story between a bisexual woman and a transgendered artificial intelligence. You can read reviews and the first chapter of SPIN STATE at I'm currently at work on a sequel, SPIN CONTROL, which is due out in 2004."

Patty & Angela

"LAVENDER HILL is our friendly women's bed & breakfast located in upstate New York in Warnerville." For more information, e-mail Patty & Angela or visit, where you will find a list of other upcoming events."

Claire Robson

"I have written a lesbian memoir, entitled Love in Good Time. It reads like fiction and is funny, moving, irreverent." For more information – including an excerpt from the book and reviews – please feel welcome to visit her Web site:

Rob Rosen

"Hello! I am the author of a newly released novel entitled Sparkle: The Queerest Book You'll Ever Love. If you're looking for a humorous novel, full of irreverence and wacky misadventure, with a touch of poignancy to boot, then may I suggest my book." For more information, visit Rob's Web site:

Jorge Luis Seco

"I am Jorge Luis Seco, a Cuban-American writer. I have just had published The Only Sun I Need, a gay novel - written in both English and Spanish - about a young attorney's desires in conflict with his family, religion and inner fear."

Stuart Sherman

Many of you will recall fellow Reading Group member Stuart Sherman from our September 2000 discussion of Carson McCullers' The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, when he shared his thoughts - and answered our questions - about his friendship with Ms. McCullers. But Stuart was a man of many accomplishments, including his acclaimed work as avant-garde playwright and performance artist which earned him a Prix de Rome and an Obie, among other awards. I am very sorry to report that Stuart died of complications from AIDS on September 14 at the age of 55. A native of Providence, Rhode Island, Sherman began his career as an actor and writer in New York. Although he was best known as a theatrical miniaturist, he also utilized the media of film, video, and sculpture. Influenced by Magritte and Buster Keaton, his work was replete with visual puns. He performed in venues as disparate as major museums, small experimental theatres, streets, and public parks. Interested in the innovative use of language and semiotics, he was also the companion of Carson McCullers during the last year of her life. I enjoyed working with Stuart preparing the exclusive online edition of his memoir of life with McCullers, for our Reading Group.

Duane Simolke

"My novel Degranon has just been published, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of your members. Although it isn't strictly gay (the main characters are heterosexual), it does include gay themes and characters, as well as more general themes about diversity. I am strictly (and openly) gay. Degranon is a science fiction novel that involves time travel, diversity, overpopulation, civil wars, and one family's struggle to remain a family. Welcome to the planet Valchondria, where speech and actions face constant scrutiny and the future offers no progress. Those who want change will not only confront the rigid maintainers of tradition but also become involved with a violent religious fanatic from a war-torn planet called Degranon. I also invite you to take a look at my other published works (including The Acorn Stories, Holding Me Together: Essays and Poems, and Gertrude Stein, Gender, Isolation, and Industrialism: New Readings of Winesburg, Ohio), and to visit my Web site:"

Man I Might BecomeJames A. Webb

Reading Group member James A. Webb writes: "I'm proud to let you know that I have a piece in the anthology entitled The Man I Might Become: Gay Men Write About Their Fathers, edited by Bruce Shenitz – which has won a 2003 Lambda Literary Award! It features work by such well-known authors as Andrew Holleran, Mark Doty, Felice Picano, Joseph Hansen, James M. Saslow, Jesse Green, and several others."

Joyce Whitcomb

Julia A writes: My friend Joyce Whitcomb has written her first novel, Try Whistling Chopin. Here is Joyce's description of her book: Try Whistling Chopin is about the relationship between single "out" playwright Jennie Clark and closeted stage director Barbara ("Babs") Matthews, married and mother of two teenaged daughters. As the two women are drawn into an all-consuming affair, Jennie accepts an LA-based offer to write the book for an 18th Century French musical. Under the guise of research, she whisks Babs away and for three glorious weeks the couple explores Paris, northern France and each other. When they return to their States, their professional lives and their relationship take many unexpected - and sometimes dramatic - turns as Jennie realizes that she and Babs have perpendicular views on lesbianism. At age 45, Jennie is forced to take a hard look into her own psychological flaws and reexamine her values. If you would like more information about the book, visit my Web site: And you can read an excerpt from Chapter 1 at:


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