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J.W. Morrice's Sexual Orientation

PaintingOn April 22, 2008, I received a message from an authority, who has requested not to be named, concerning the sexual orientation of Canadian artist James Wilson Morrice (1865–1924).

This author states that, in 30 years of studying the artist, "I have never read anything that would suggest [that Morrice was gay]. Quite the contrary! He had a lifelong mistress, and some close friends describe him as a womanizer...."

This comment was in response to Morrice's inclusion in a major source that I've used for GLBT Visual Artists, The Queer Encyclopedia of the Visual Arts, under the editorship of Prof. Claude J. Summers. The article in question — a survey of Canadian GLBT artists by McGill University doctoral candidate Eugenio Filice — is also available, free and unabridged, online.

I will include any further relevant communications, on the subject of Morris's sexual orientation, on this page.


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