GLBT Literature: Overlooked GLBT Fiction Authors

Not on the Publishing Triangle's "100 Best" List

The Publishing Triangle's "100 Best Lesbian and Gay Novels" is invaluable for showing some of the extraordinary diversity of GLBT literature. But it excluded several outstanding authors and works, including all of the GLBT novelists represented below — whom I have limited to one work per author. By the way, if I could add one title to an author already included by the Publishing Triangle, it would be Oscar Wilde's extraordinary Portrait of Mr. W.H. There is also a list of 100 Overlooked GLBT Non-Fiction Authors; and Recommended GLBT Books includes sections for Non-Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Fiction — including many titles not listed below — and more. More GLBT Arts Resources: GLBT Cinema, GLBT Classical Music, GLBT Literature, GLBT Visual Arts, essay "Why a GLBT Focus?"

Because of censorship, which varied widely during the many centuries and countries represented here, some of these authors were unable to acknowledge their sexual orientation openly in their writing. For more information, I recommend the indispensable, an encyclopedia of GLBT connections to the arts, literature, and social sciences.

All links below are to FREE, unabridged online copies — the books will open in a new window. Enjoy!

50 Overlooked GLBT Fiction Authors

  1. Horatio Alger — Ragged Dick or, Street Life in New York
  2. Clive Barker — Imajica
  3. James M. Barrie — Peter Pan
  4. William Beckford — Vathek
  5. Aphra Behn — Oronooko
  6. E.F. Benson — Make Way for Lucia
  7. Elizabeth Bowen — The Death of the Heart
  8. Poppy Z. Brite — Exquisite Corpse
  9. Samuel Butler — The Way of All Flesh
  10. Angela Carter — The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffmann
  11. John Cheever — The Wapshot Chronicle
  12. Bruce Chatwin — On the Black Hill
  13. Samuel R. Delany — Triton (aka Trouble on Triton)
  14. Patrick Dennis (pseudonym of Edward Everett Tanner III) — Auntie Mame
  15. Norman Douglas — South Wind
  16. Daphne Du Maurier — Rebecca
  17. Brett Easton Ellis — Less Than Zero
  18. John Fox — The Boys on the Rock
  19. Henry Blake Fuller — Bertram Cope's Year
  20. Nancy Garden — Annie on My Mind
  21. Nikolai Gogol — Dead Souls
  22. Juan Goytisolo — Marks of Identity
  23. Joris-Karl Huysmans — Against the Grain
  24. Sarah Orne Jewett — Country of the Pointed Firs
  25. Franz Kafka — The Metamorphosis
  26. Heinrich von Kleist — The Marquise of O...
  27. John Knowles — A Separate Peace
  28. Larry Kramer — Faggots
  29. Nella Larsen — Passing
  30. David Leavitt — The Lost Language of Cranes
  31. Ursula K. LeGuin — The Left Hand of Darkness
  32. Matthew Gregory Lewis — The Monk
  33. H.P. Lovecraft — The Shadow Over Innsmouth
  34. Somerset Maugham — The Moon and Sixpence
  35. Armistead Maupin — Tales of the City Series (six novels)
  36. James McCourt — Mawrdew Czgowchwz
  37. Michael Nava — Henry Rios Series (seven novels)
  38. Edward Prime–Stevenson (under pseudonym "Xavier Mayne") — Imre
  39. Anne Rice — Interview with the Vampire
  40. Frederick William Rolfe (under pseudonym "Baron Corvo") — Hadrian VII
  41. Bram Stoker — Dracula
  42. Bayard Taylor — Joseph and His Friend
  43. Bruno Vogel — Alf
  44. Sylvia Townsend Warner — Lolly Willowes
  45. Patricia Nell Warren — Front Runner
  46. Anna Weirauch — The Scorpion
  47. Denton Welch — In Youth is Pleasure
  48. Glenway Wescott — The Grandmothers
  49. Thornton Wilder — The Cabala
  50. Cornell Woolrich — I Married a Dead Man

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