Reading Group: Remembrance of Groups Past

Former 'In-Person' and Online Discussion Groups

PLEASE NOTE: This page is for ARCHIVAL PURPOSES ONLY. It lists groups, both in-person and online, which I organized but which no longer meet, since they had fulfilled their purpose.

Chronological Survey of Gay Male Literature Group

We met in NYC between March 1999 and February 2000 to explore this extraordinary 4,000-year tradition, using editor Byrne R.S. Fone's Columbia Anthology of Gay Literature.


GLBT Literature Forum: Fiction, Drama, Poetry & Non-Fiction

With over 130 members from the US and abroad, this forum is another great place to discuss GLBT Literature. You can post your opinions and engage in discussions, both via messages and live in our chat room, about the books we are reading online, the NYC-based G&L Reading Group's selections, or any aspect of GLBT writing.


GLBT Genre Literature Forum: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror & Suspense NOTE: The 'in person' GLBT Genre Literature Group, founded in 2000, continues to meet every month in Manhattan.

Discuss any aspect of GLBT-related Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Suspense/Mystery Literature, with members. At the GLBT Genre Literature Group page, you will find a reading list with brief summaries, links, and information on our 'in person' NYC meetings (second Thursday of each month, 7:00–7:50 PM, i.e., right before the main G&L Reading Group).


Proust Forum

The Proust Group, which met from early 2001 through January 2003 in NYC, discussed all of Marcel Proust's monumental novel, In Search of Lost Time (aka Remembrance of Things Past). At this online forum, everyone is welcome to post comments on any aspects of Proust. At the Proust Group page, you will find many resources.


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