5,250+ hours developing this site since 1997

Between launch in 1997 and today (January 5, 2022) – Twenty-Fifth Anniversary – I have spent over 5,250 hours developing this website. That does not include any time used for reading, viewing, or research. Since late 2020, I’ve been making extensive updates throughout the site, including revisions to articles and resources, slowly expanding the site’s scope with the addition of LGBTQ+ Scientists, and adding several ‘under the hood’ SEO (search engine optimization) enhancements.

I began this site, while being the caregiver for eleven years to an ill family member. Now I’m glad to continue sharing my passion for literature and film, often focusing on the extraordinary LGBTQ+ arts tradition, and LGBTQ+ connections to the sciences.

This site will continue to grow, as will LGBTQ+ literature, film, arts, and progress in all their forms!

EVERYONE, stay safe and be well!