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UPDATE! February 11, 2022. I hope to bring you a review of the new translation of Gilgamesh, the oldest surviving work of world and LGBTQ+ literature, newly translated by Sophus Helle, from Yale University Press (today I submitted a request for a reviewer copy). Gilgamesh, that I’ve read in four separate translations (brief excerpts from Helle’s version are powerful), is a profound love story between two men, who grow together through a series of epic adventures involving gods, monsters, heartbreaking loss, healing, and much more. A thousand years before the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), Gilgamesh includes such key elements, under different names, as ‘The Garden of Eden’ with ‘Adam,’ ‘Eve’ and tempting serpent, ‘Noah’ and The Flood. Some scholars also see Gilgamesh as an influence on Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey, a thousand years prior to the Greek epic poet. This year of 2022 marks the 125th anniversary of the rediscovery of the stone tablets inscribed with the Gilgamesh epic.

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