Detail from Hermia and Helena (after Shakespeare’s 1595 fantasy/comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream – III.ii “So we grew together, / Like to a double cherry—seeming parted / But yet an union in partition— / Two lovely berries molded on one stem”), oil on canvas by Washington Allston, before 1818, Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer-Plus (LGBTQ+) Literature Resources at This Website

Happy to announce that, throughout this entire site, all public domain (pre-1926) works link to free online copies. Enjoy!


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LGBTQ+ Literature Resources at This Website

GLOBAL TRADITIONS: While this site focuses largely on Western works, I value other cultures’ LGBTQ+ artistic heritages. As they become accessible in English, I look forward to exploring the additional worlds that they hold. As a global community, standing upon millennia of history and resilience, the future of LGBTQ+ arts is brilliantly diverse!

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Resources at External Websites

  • Lambda Literary – since 1988, this premier LGBTQ+ Literature organization annually has presented awards in many categories. I am honored to be included, under a pseudonym, in the 2002 winner for Best Non-Fiction Anthology.
  • LGBT Literature at Wikipedia – links to four separate literature entries: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender.
  • LGBTQ Books at Goodreads – over 50,000 titles, with links to information, reader comments.
  • LGBTQ Resources at the Library of Congress – wide-ranging collection encompasses literature and other arts, science, history, civil rights, more.
  • The Publishing Triangle – association of LGBTQ professionals in publishing, they present awards in several categories (Also, above see ‘Overlooked Fiction & Non-Fiction Authors’ that include links to their original ‘best’ lists)
  • Queer Theory Reading List from Brown University – scholarly articles, provocative for everyone
  • Stonewall Book Awards – since 1971, as part of the American Library Association’s Rainbow Round Table, annually they present three awards, for Literature, Nonfiction, and Children’s & Young Adult Literature.

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LGBTQ+ Literature Encyclopedia

Editor Claude J. Summers’s encyclopedic Gay & Lesbian Literary Heritage (New York: Henry Holt, 1995; rev. ed., Routledge, 2002) is indispensable, with hundreds of articles on individual LGBTQ+ authors, national literatures, artistic forms (such as the novel, drama, poetry), genres, and more. Although the complete online version, retitled as the GLBTQ Encyclopedia, is no longer available (it needs to be restored), some more recent selections remain available as downloadable PDFs.

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Also Film Resources

LGBTQ+ Literature
LGBTQ+ Literature

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