UPDATED! Getting Books or Films, including Legitimate Free Sources

This resource is from my Start a Book or Film Discussion Group, but it might also be useful for individuals who want to get books or films from free legitimate sources:

  1. GETTING BOOKS: You can check out books, and films, from your local library or through your inter-library loan network, likely for free,
  2. download free public domain works (pre-1927) via links throughout this site or use the Online Books Page (over three million titles),
  3. may be able to download a free temporary copy of a book, including new titles, from the publisher-supported OpenLibrary (the book will automatically ‘evaporate’ from your e-reader after a few days but you may be able to renew it),
  4. at Internet Archive, some titles can be read online in one-hour increments (just keep “renewing” the book), or
  5. buy a title, new or used, from a local bookseller or other retailer (also, I have an Amazon Associate link – at the bottom left of every page on this site – that may generate a small commission: Thanks).
  6. WATCHING FILMS: Sources for free movies online (UPDATED April 2, 2022) include Tubi, IMDbTV, Crackle, YouTube Movies Free With Ads, Vudu Movies Free With Ads, Plex (including a LGBTQ+ channel called Cinepride), Pluto, Redbox Free on Demand, RokuChannel (on any device), more spring up regularly, also there are selected silent era classics via this site, or do a search.