Premiere Date — X minutes, black & white / color, 35mm, aspect ratio 1.X:1 — Genre
Jarman’s Xth feature, one-sentence SUMMARY.

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FILMS: Shorts | 1. Sebastiane | 2. Jubilee | 3. Tempest | 4. Angelic Conversation | 5. Caravaggio | 6. Last of England | 7. War Requiem | 8. Garden | 9. Edward II | 10. Wittgenstein | 11. Blue.



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There are currently several Jarman video releases, to own (on DVD and Blu-ray), rent, stream, or borrow from your library, as well as Jarman books. NOTE: If you use my Amazon Affiliate Jarman link for a purchase, I may receive a commission that helps support this site, at no additional cost to you. Regardless, I stand by my opinions.

Original Video Release (Used for This Review)

DISTRIBUTOR has released… *NOTE* image and sound quality, special features, et al.

  • Original theatrical release aspect ratio of 1.xx:1
  • Dolby Digital Mono
  • Subtitle control
  • $xx suggested retail

Reviewed Month xx, 200x / Revised October 12, 2020

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