LGBTQ+ Literary Heritage Encyclopedia

This blog post is from my larger LGBTQ+ Literature Resources page. Editor Claude J. Summers’s encyclopedic Gay & Lesbian Literary Heritage (New York: Henry Holt, 1995; rev. ed., Routledge, 2002) is INDISPENSABLE, with hundreds of articles on individual LGBTQ+ authors, national literatures, artistic forms (such as the novel, drama, poetry), genres, and more. Although the complete online version, retitled as the glbtq Encyclopedia, is no longer available (it needs to be restored), the more recent 1,500+ articles – regarding theater, film, visual arts, music, social sciences, history, law – remain freely available as downloadable PDFs. NOTE that the online literature essays, all excellent, solely encompass authors NOT in the print versions, because of a legal rights issue. Still, the over 1,500 articles available online are an essential resource; and the print edition of the complementary The Gay & Lesbian Literary Heritage earns my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION, even though it stops with the year 2002.